Update: All EURO and AN, MN1 applications still accepted directly by post [at least] in January 2019

Extra, extra! This just in from my contacts:
“Postal forms will still be accepted for Euro applications in January 19 and its been confirmed today that so too will the two Nationality applications you have enquired about.” (I have enquired about AN and MN1 but I suspect this will also — end even more so — apply to more rare nationality applications).Panic over!

The “new in-country application system” is cutting lawyers out of the application process – which it entrusts to a profit-making company

All of you know that I have announced exactly a year ago that I will wind down my in-country application practice by the time of Brexit.   I always  knew that innumerable shambles were on the way in the new system for post-Brexit  handling of EU-related applications, and I did not want to be anywhere near it. It now turned out, of course, that the surprise was bigger than that — our government simply gave up on ALL immigration applications! that’s it. And what’s our government’s answer to EVERYTHING it cannot deal with (usually anything that required admin skills and scalability)? … Continue reading →

Your overseas divorce may be invalid in the UK, and consequences can seriously screw up your life

The alarmist title is here for a reason, folks — I have REALLY had it enough with folks who think that obtaining a divorce in their country of origin (“this is where we married!) is a brilliant way to save time and money. Think again — or better, think at least once! at all!! It is interesting how otherwise supposedly all settled and well integrated people completely lack understanding of the expectations of the British legal system, and all of them, even the people I consider on the more enlightened side, universally make the same mistake. Caveat: anything I say … Continue reading →

What are the cool-headed arguments for limitation of “birthright citizenship”, and what CAN Trump do about it?

It’s everywhere now: Trump wants to abolish birthright citizenship, or jus soli. The UK, as Americans are now told all day long, has done it in 1983 (spoiler: it’s complicated). “Most countries are getting rid of it”, supposedly. Is “birthright” citizenship an anachronism from the bygone days of Ellis Island? What other ways are there to go about it, and can it be done in the US without changes to the 14th Amendment? What does citizenship even mean in the global world? I feel like I have already written some about it on this blog before, but here we go again. “Anchor … Continue reading →