Barristers v. Real World, or The Problem With Colin Yeo: why I probably won’t be applying to the new shiny “JRCM” OISC certification

Colin Yeo, who personally banned  me from his Free Movement website a couple of months ago and also sent me a rather hysterical note on what awful a person I was  – ostensibly in response to a forum comment in which I said “Colin is wrong on this” about something (which, by the way, he was), has only himself to blame for the title of this post. I can only admire — from the distance –  the amount of time the celebrity barrister clearly has to maintain his blog, moderate fee-paid forum, and carry on with countless other non-barristering activities, which … Continue reading →

“My cases” section is finally updated for 2017

“My cases” finally updated on the website, and new 2017 cases added, long but adventurous read, folks )
  1. Permanent Residence where the applicant had only recently obtained an EU passport, but previously resided under the Immigration Rules;
  2. Residence card of a family member of an EU national where marriage legal validity is actually in question and naturalisation of the EU sponsor is looming;
  3. Tier 2 migrant obtaining a Chen derivative residence card;
  4. Surinder Singh approval for client’s parents filed and received under the new 2016 regulations COL test!

What do I charge money for? And do I charge enough?

August is a slow month across all sectors, and gives time for reflection. I have been running this practice for three years now, and for three years people kept telling me that I charge too little — a year ago we raised fees a bit when WWB expanded, but they were still nominal. Then partners pressured me to introduce hourly charges, and I always was reluctant to do it, because I find low fees and esp fixed fees opening doors to a wider field of potential clients who would otherwise go solo or, in case of EEA, not apply at … Continue reading →

TOEIC-related US lawsuit project will NOT go ahead

This is to let folks know that the previously touted project related to bringing tort action on a TOEIC/ETS issue in the United States, will NOT go ahead, for lack of a minimum number of qualified and coherent participants. The experience of communicating with those that came forward, if anything, only reinforced my belief that many of those remaining in the “system” indeed cheated on their test. I have not met ONE person who would have a straight yet compelling story, was convincing and deposeable in a US court action, spoke, read and understood enough English to meaningfully participate and … Continue reading →

Change of office address — now in Central London! )

Dear August 2017 prospective and ongoing clients
Please note from 1st August the new office address will be
Unit 223
Panther House
38 Mount Pleasant
Nearest tube – Chancery lane, Russel square
Due to refurbishment appointments will be from 3rd August at the new office.
Also note I will be available until 24th of August.
If you are not in Central London, you can send your docs to me by post with prior agreement (AN cases only).
All other ongoing cases, correspondence address will be changed with the Home Office and the Tribunal, but correspondence from the old address will also be received and picked up regularly.