Bye-Bye Theresa: the new era will now really be new

I must say, one could not have thought of a worse time to abandon the helm — but then, I suppose, this is indicative of the May administration overall. Overall it did not live up to its many promises — we feared an iron fist, and instead we got deadly tornado of incompetence. The country is ravaged and nearly obliterated by the sheer force of pervasive stupidity. A lot of it started in the coalition government times – we expected May era to be distinct, but it really is not – but she did double and triple down on the worst … Continue reading →

California Bar exam: update and tips for the MBE

For those of you who were following my struggle with the California Bar exam, previously chronicled here, an update: I have learned on Friday that I passed February 2019 California Bar exam!  (therefore, on my second attempt).

Which is just as well, because it caused such a nervous breakdown that I do not know whether I’d have been able to do it again. Please note it does NOT yet make me an attorney, as there are other issues left to resolve between me and the Bar.

Meanwhile for those who are interested or also taking the Bar in any US state, I have written and published some advice on taking the MBE – the multiple choice portion of any state’s Bar exam. These are just tips I developed and sort of used myself. Maybe someone will find them useful.

MBE advice

Hundreds of cases fail in “application date” conundrum following transition to online/Sopra Steria process

As all of our government’s  best ideas, the “UKVAS” (actually, Sopra Steria) -led new application system, introduced universally from December and with which I once vowed not to have anything to do and yet here I am, had quickly turned from bad to disastrous, leading to complete chaos and confusion among applicants and  thousands of pounds in application fee losses (the latter being the aspect the Home office usually shrugs off as being just natural). When we all filled out applications by hand, the application date was the date of posting — old common law “postal rule” applied. When premium … Continue reading →