The new “settlement scheme” for EU citizens and family members is now it its PUBLIC testing phase. Limited or Indefinite leave to remain thus granted, however, will be real leave, as far as I can tell — under Appendix EU, which is phased to come into force in respect of those eligible for beta testing stages.Therefore, those who receive this leave now, will still have it, presumably, even if the scheme later fails to implement, collapses, or Brexit is canceled.

While I am NOT A FAN of the “scheme” and technological novations involved in it,  I decided that I WILL offer assistance in enrolling into the scheme and obtaining whatever leave possible under it, to some EU citizens and family members in limited cases. I WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE SCHEME DURING TESTING BEFORE BREXIT ITSELF, EG UNTIL END OF MARCH. I WILL CEASE ALL EU APPLICATIONS AFTER BREXIT. 


  1. EU citizens who do not yet hold a Document Certifying Permanent Residence (a document that literally has these words on it), especially those who could not obtain PR under EU law previously due to gaps in Treaty rights or disagreements with the Home office on WRS, health insurance, self-sufficiency, self-employment etc.
  2. EU citizens in any position who do not hold ANY Home Office documengts and who have non-EU family members dependent on them in the UK (such as a spouse with a Residence card)
  3. EU Citizens of all descriptions who resided in the UK more than 5 years but have EU or non-EU children under 5, who could not previously obtain PR because they have not accumulated their own 5 years (when an EU citizen obtains or exchanged ILR under the scheme, a child can qualify instantly without waiting 5 years of their own).
  4. EU citizen children in their own right who have lived in the UK more than 5 years and do not yet hold a document certifying permanent residence (unless entitled to register as British under section 1(3) or 1(4) and you intend to make application for such registration imminently).
  5. Non-EU Family members of EU citizens who hold biometric residence cards, but will not accumulate 5 years of residence by 30 June 2021.
  6. EU citizens holding old-style documents certifying permanent residence and their family members with permanent residence cards, who for variety of reasons (for instance, sparse residence, cost or inability to meet English requirements) do not have any intention of applying for British citizenship




  1. EU citizens who do not have a valid passport, and non-EU Family members who do not yet hold a biometric residence card. If you are newly arrived and applying for a Residence card, file paper application EEA (FM).
  2. Non-EU family members who have difficulties around the area of provision of spouse ID, I am not sure such scenario is covered by the beta.
  3. EU and non-EU citizens holding DCPRs and permanent residence cards who intend to apply for British citizenship before 31 December 2020. So far we are hoping documents will be accepted.


************we are offering limited time service in helping relevant EU nationals and family members apply under the scheme******

The process involves principally two parts:

  1. The application is created through an EU EXIT ID CHECK app to be downloaded from Google Play store and installed on Android 7.0+ phone with an NFC reader chip. In that App, passport is scanned, email and phone number given for contact, and then e-passport chip is read using NFC technology and the face scanned (and then photographed). Each applicant therefore needs to be personally present, including children. **We have one working phone that does do that, and offer this step for a flat fee of £50 per person to be scanned. We consider this to be a technical service, which can be used standalone or together with further application processing** Locations – Brighton, London, Bedford
  2. The Application is then accessed through the website and continued there. The links are not personalised (unlike for other applications), individual applications are accessed through passport number and one-time text message passcode). In that, further questions are answered, selections are made and supporting documents are uploaded. Some degree of email correspondence then ensues, and in case of failure you can challenge the decision. We offer this step for £100 per adult applicant, and £50 for those who already hold permanent residence document or card, or for a child applying for settled status (ILR) at the same time as their parent. You can obtain only this portion of the service, if for instance you managed to scan and register yourself, but are having difficulty with further application options. Please note if your only difficulty relates to being unable to bring up document upload window, try using Google Chrome.

3. The app now does collect £65 per adult and £32.50 per child, but message pops up promising a refund of that after 30 March 2019. THE APP IS FREE TO THOSE WHO ALREADY HOLDS PERMANENT RESIDENCE DOCUMENTS.

Please note the application (step 2) currently is only possible in respect of those whose passport was successfully scanned by the app (step 1), at least on step one, so that it technically exists. However above offer for step 1 pertains only in cases where all scanning steps (chip read, face scan, photo) were sucessfull. If any of them failed and documents have to be posted to the Home office, this is automatically step 2 service).

Cost examples:  one single person full service= 50+100=150; one single person with a child= 50+50+100+50=250; two adults – no difference, as every adult in this scheme is for themselves -=300. Or you can do step 1 or step 2 only.


You must contact me at if you wish to use our services, and if we can agree that you are eligible and where/when scanning can be done, you will receive an invoice.


Each applicant needs to show 5 years of RESIDENCE. No WRS, tax returns, health insurance, letters from self-sufficiency sponsors.

You need to provide evidence for at least 6 individual months in each of 5 consecutive years. Evidence guide is here. In short, a utility bill only proves a month in which it was issued, so does any NHS letter, HMRC letter etc Letters of enrolment from schools, or employer reference letters, cover periods referred in them, so it is preferable to use them, or longer term bank statements (such as quarterly) . Nature of transactions does not matter.

HOWEVER the application, in someone’s wisdom, only takes up to 10 documents, which makes it hard. The rest of documents will have to be kept by us to be sent by post when requested. SOME periods may be filled by the APP automatically based on PAYE records drawn from HMRC when you give your NIN.

COPIES or scans are accepted, If you have bank statements, utility bills etc in JPG or PDF format already, please do not print it out,  start a GOOGLE DRIVE folder and share with The rest of docs you can give us on paper during scanning or post, but ultimately they will be scanned to be uploaded. Originals will only be provided to the Home Office if requested.

For children applying with parents, birth certificate and a letter from currents school/nursery. If applying alone, 5 years of residence needs to be shown as for adult, best of all again through school/nursery record or NHS record.