My UK immigration practice is now a non-profit practice, that provides free advice in complex and unusual situations, and exists on public donations.

I will now engage in in-country UK representation only very rarely in special cases, on pay-what-you-can basis. Majority of these cases will either involve unusual legal or factual details that are challenging and interesting for me, or involve representation of separated and divorced women in formerly abusive relationships. 

** This relates to UK-based practice only, and does not affect advice or assistance  on immigration both ways between UK and US, as well as my practice in Russia, which all continue on a fee basis. This also does not affect my in-house relationships with corporate clients ***

If you are a new UK in-country client and wish to receive advice and guidance on a mundane/general matter, I urge you to seek out a commercial for-fee provider, or, if you really believe your case is special and wish to receive advice from me, I expect that you will be a supporter of my practice.  I may choose to give advice but will not, in any circumstances, engage in non-charity representation of new in-country UK clients. Please do not expect me to represent you as a charity client if your position clearly does not warrant charity.

I will continue to follow up to conclusion with all the clients previously commercially engaged by World Without Borders LLP in the UK, who have unresolved/unconcluded/pending matters.


  • Please note that I do not accept NEW clients for representation in UK immigration matters, EXCEPT UNITED STATES CITIZENS in the UK in some cases, AND UK VISA  APPLICANTS BASED IN THE UNITED STATES THROUGH OUR SISTER COMPANY, World Without Borders LLC.


  • I have a number of small to mid corporate clients with international presence, and will advise US companies and entrepreneurs on relocation to the UK and relocation of staff to their UK affiliate offices.


  • I will also advise corporate clients on EU-UK movement, implications of Brexit, and employee benefit programs for EU citizens currently employed in terms of securing long-term post-Brexit status.


  • I may choose to provide some in-house advice to UK employers in relation to Tier 2 sponsorship.


  • I can also assist in SOME initial entry clearance/visa cases from Russia (family based, PBS, sole rep, NOT Investor).


  • All existing UK cases will continue as they were to their targeted conclusion point.


  • HOWEVER I can provide ADVICE, when I choose to and free of charge, in certain complex cases. I MIGHT also appear in a First Tier Tribunal case, external to me, in exceptional circumstances where I think the nature of the issue and appellant’s position warrant intervention pro bono. I am NOT on Legal Aid scheme.



07871 619495 with your details and I will call you back,or  please write to, giving brief details of your immigration history or the type of problem/application you seek help with.

  • I can provide some consultations via Skype/phone if convenient/applicable, or as agreed in London/Moscow


  • I will also entertain any invitation to speak or conduct DIY WORKSHOPS on issues, with the public (not other professionals), free of charge




  • I am trained in US Immigration law and experienced with US higher education system, and occasionally take individual clients on as a consultant in relation to postgraduate (M.A/Ph.D.) study in the United States, including program choice, admission, funding and visa support


  • I will also take on clients  applying for US visas FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM, including B1/B2, F1/F2, E1/E2 and new office L1 visas, all H and L visas based on approved petitions, as well as immigrant visa applications based on approved petitions (such as immediate relative or preference), or immediate relatives where petition is to be filed by the UK-based USC sponsor, or Diversity visa cases.


  • I have experience in personnel movement and will advise UK and EU based corporate clients on staff relocation to the US, including filing of L visa petitions, or, in appropriate cases, H1B petitions on behalf of their US-based subsidiaries.


Please contact me as above.