**Please note on 1 May 2019 I sent a request to OISC to voluntarily withdraw from its regulation scheme due to my prolonged stay overseas***.  As of right now I am unable to provide any consultations or advice in individual immigration cases of individuals currently in the UK. I will continue to highlight issues and provide general advice on this website and my Facebook page.

My  online-only service  provides advice to those who have been REFUSED a UK visa or entry clearance FROM OVERSEAS ONLY.

No services to those residing in the UK or US State of California.

I will NOT deal with initial applications, refusals only – this is to save my time, as some folks know, I have been able to overcome some nasty refusals, including “10-year bans” for deception, and I have no interest in low-level admin work involved in filling out initial applications. 

Rules of engagement are on the website. Please share/refer!  VISAREFUSAL.CO.UK