Attention EU citizens: Home Office WILL LOSE your original passports, then LIE about it, then refuse to help or investigate

Been listening much about how we will be all ready for Brexit, with 1200 (presumably external contractor such as Capita) employees and new, brilliant shiny process for handling EU nationals documents? I think MPs, The Home Affairs Select Committee, EU nationals in the UK and the world need to read my complaint to day to the Home office, to see what EU nationals much like themselves are going through now. UKVI LOST TWO ORIGINAL POLISH PASSPORTS (I personally suspect theft by a rogue non-HO employee at Durham payment processing site, and have made a FOI to establish what co runs … Continue reading →

Lounes ECJ ruling finally published, post-naturalisation spouses must be granted residence “no worse than EU terms” but do not derive rights automatically from the Free Movement Directive

As often, ECJ decisions sort of hard to parce in minutes, so more later. However the gist is, the Court makes a lot of valuable points — which TBH I thought were already obvious after McCarthy2 case – to explain that those EU nationals who have exercised Treaty Rights in another member states and eventually naturalised there, CANNOT be treated just as badly as those state’s own nationals who had never left it. The Court rules that denying residence to their post-naturalisation spouses would constitute deterrent to free movement’s important aim — ultimate integration in the host state. Post-naturalisation spouses … Continue reading →

**United States Diversity Visa Lottery Alert** 

It’s been said a lot over the years, but I now believe we are probably in the waning days of the last ever DV lottery entry period. It is VERY likely that the program will be shut by Congress in the next 6 months, probably letting the DV-2019 run but preventing the DV-2020. ENTER BEFORE 22 NOVEMBER 2017 OR MISS THE PARTY! Diversity lottery accounts for circa 50,000 immigrant admissions per year – by US standards, this is a near-negligible number in the general flow of migrants. Yet, it seems almost nonsensical, as a route for possibly low skilled migrants … Continue reading →

HO finally answers a 2.5 year-old FOI request, says 6150 people are still on Tier 1 general as of October 2017

In the Spring of 2015, when extensions closed for Tier 1 general migrants, I initially filed a FOI request with Home Office, trying to get them to tell me how many people are left in this category. (They initially answered completely off point, and  it took a new request a year ago, and several complaints to the Information Commissioner, to get the correct answers). If these are the correct numbers, I am stunned, because they are way, way more than I expected. I am also pretty sure they are FALSE, because they include people noted as “British citizens”, so clearly … Continue reading →