HO finally answers a 2.5 year-old FOI request, says 6150 people are still on Tier 1 general as of October 2017

In the Spring of 2015, when extensions closed for Tier 1 general migrants, I initially filed a FOI request with Home Office, trying to get them to tell me how many people are left in this category. (They initially answered completely off point, and  it took a new request a year ago, and several complaints to the Information Commissioner, to get the correct answers). If these are the correct numbers, I am stunned, because they are way, way more than I expected. I am also pretty sure they are FALSE, because they include people noted as “British citizens”, so clearly … Continue reading →


Effective immediately, from 12 October 2017 I will no longer accept new clients in the UK for applications or tribunal representation, unless some advice and/services have already been quoted or provided to you (you will be notified if you are on the list).  ALL EXISTING CLIENTS CONTINUE AS PLANNED. I will also now provide ADVICE ONLY to the public, by appointment and upon review of relevant documents, which will be completely free.

Read more here: http://immigrationpolicy.org.uk/



Finally managed to bring to paper, so to speak, my thoughts on principal reasons/points why so many Americans misunderstand UK visa requirements and end up having to plead their cases from the front page of The Guardian. Americans and all those in America! )) If you are applying for a UK visa, please read the tips. I highlight the points on which most applictions fail, explain the main features of the UK system and how it contrasts with some corresponding features of the US system. ALSO A SPECIAL FOR ALL THOSE IN THE UNITED STATES, COMPLETELY FREE ADVICE UNTIL END OF OCTOBER 2017!

UK visas from the USA

Home Office apparently starts accepting Lounes early, and wider than Advocate Bot

I just received an approval of a residence card today for a client who had just recently married an EU national who had been naturalised in the UK years ago. The case, the filing of which just before the Lounes heairng in May was precipitated by the discovery of the client’s illegal stay and imposition of reporting requirements during pre-marriage Home Office interview, was filed specifically with a covering letter that explained in bold that we are aware that he doesn’t currently benefit but ask that it be held pending outcome of Lounes case.



On Trump, DACA and the so-called DREAMers

Everything somehow sounds worse when President Trump does it. Now everyone in the media seems convinced that Trump, out of pure evilness, had suddenly terminated some long-standing immigration policy and took perfectly legal status away from a million people. Do not forget that the DACA story is not that simple. For one, its participants are called “Dreamers” after a 2001 legislative proposal (DREAM Act) that never actually became law, despite  numerous attempts to introduce in the US Congress its various iterations over the years. So while the fate of the DACA participants is compelling, Trump is really hardly the only … Continue reading →