It was Christmas Eve yesterday, and the “PM Exceptions” team, which used to employ humans but clearly no longer does, had dampened it considerably by dumping a pile of dung on my doorstep. A pile I would have to somehow explain this Christmas to yet one more scared, abused, cornered Ukrainian woman, a single mother of two children, both British citizens, terrorised by a Lithuanian man who fathered one of them and to whom she is still married. I promised her that I will help her. But UKVI has now taken to piling on and perpetuating spousal abuse. IT MUST … Continue reading →

Tier 1 Investor route closes immediately, but there are still options left for the wealthy – for now (UPDATE – APPARENTLY NOT CLOSED?)

Tier 1 Investor route suspended with immediate effect, unless you already filed an application today. That being said, I never worked with T1I, even in my for-profit days — the amounts involved were always beyond the level of responsibility I wanted to be anywhere near. However all those who were maybe contemplating an application and now cannot, would note that Tier 1 Entrepreneur route is technically still open and available, and most of those who qualify as investors would qualify under it. I humbly predict T1E will also go in April or whenever the post-Brexit overhaul is announced, so – no time to waste. Some could also qualify as a sole representative (no investment at all). If you are in Russia and in this position, I can take a look at your options now, if you want: not in my UK practice, but when I am in Russia 16-20 December, and then again at the last week of March. Would have to aim at submitting end of March then. (Click here to read this in Russian – здесь по-русски)

Update: All EURO and AN, MN1 applications still accepted directly by post [at least] in January 2019

Extra, extra! This just in from my contacts:
“Postal forms will still be accepted for Euro applications in January 19 and its been confirmed today that so too will the two Nationality applications you have enquired about.” (I have enquired about AN and MN1 but I suspect this will also — end even more so — apply to more rare nationality applications).Panic over!

The “new in-country application system” is cutting lawyers out of the application process – which it entrusts to a profit-making company

All of you know that I have announced exactly a year ago that I will wind down my in-country application practice by the time of Brexit.   I always  knew that innumerable shambles were on the way in the new system for post-Brexit  handling of EU-related applications, and I did not want to be anywhere near it. It now turned out, of course, that the surprise was bigger than that — our government simply gave up on ALL immigration applications! that’s it. And what’s our government’s answer to EVERYTHING it cannot deal with (usually anything that required admin skills and scalability)? … Continue reading →