I get a lot of questions from people who are confused as to who exactly was exempt from WRS when it was enacted in 2004 — in fact, it seems from UKVI’s own internal documents that many of those confused on this point are its own employees! UKVI does not even have an internal document that lists, or explains, all of the exemptions.

I finally found the primary legislation that set up and explained the WRS and who is exempt from it – enjoy!


You will note of course that originally, as in this document, it was to last until 30 April 2009. This is now AGAIN th ecase, as the legislation extending it to 2011 was found unlawful, as confirmed in Gubeladze v SSWP (TG v SSWP) by the Court of Appeals. Don’t expect UKVI to amend any of its policy, but you can try to rely on it.

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