Heads up PBS migrants (Tier 1 and 2) applying for ILR!

From Thursday 11 January, new rules on calculating continuous residence come into effect, which put an end to “ILR application date shopping” in order to break long absences into separate 12-month periods. Now all absences will be assessed on a rolling basis, and you will have to not have had ANY 180+ day absences in ANY 12-month periods, not only those counted back from application date!

This will make some remaining T1G migrants permanenly ineligible for settlement and is a very worrying trend. I for one just expected them to relax the rules to help some people settle, and sense unusual hostility to remaining T1G migrants in this move.

{Rare} credit where it’s due goes to a  Freemovement blog associate who noticed this when the rest of us hadn’t.I now analyzed the text and believe now that she is right, the intention behind the change was exactly this (sadly).



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