Been listening much about how we will be all ready for Brexit, with 1200 (presumably external contractor such as Capita) employees and new, brilliant shiny process for handling EU nationals documents? I think MPs, The Home Affairs Select Committee, EU nationals in the UK and the world need to read my complaint to day to the Home office, to see what EU nationals much like themselves are going through now. UKVI LOST TWO ORIGINAL POLISH PASSPORTS (I personally suspect theft by a rogue non-HO employee at Durham payment processing site, and have made a FOI to establish what co runs it and how employees are vetted), but that is not all – the UKVI then LIES about it, refuses to help, covers it up,. basically ANYTHING except apology and offer of cost of replacements – as you would expect!

Read the scary Christmas story here – it can and WILL happen to you

This is not all actually. Clearly HO had been having concerns about safekeeping and custody of all these EU passports, so a procedure had been instituted in Durham (mentioned in the letter) that immediately copies and returns EEA passports to sender(s). This has now been expanded to British passports sent with other Durham-processed applications, such as FLR(FP). Those who follow my FB page saw last week how three British passports – loose- had been brought into our building by a bewildered postman with a torn-in-half, non-tracked, yellow paper envelope from which, as he rightly surmised, they had fallen out of. This is the same Durham contractor site sending the passports off, notably in envelopes to which “signed for” stickers are attached, but not enough postage for signed-for. There is more trouble to come!





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