It’s been said a lot over the years, but I now believe we are probably in the waning days of the last ever DV lottery entry period. It is VERY likely that the program will be shut by Congress in the next 6 months, probably letting the DV-2019 run but preventing the DV-2020. ENTER BEFORE 22 NOVEMBER 2017 OR MISS THE PARTY!

Diversity lottery accounts for circa 50,000 immigrant admissions per year – by US standards, this is a near-negligible number in the general flow of migrants. Yet, it seems almost nonsensical, as a route for possibly low skilled migrants without any connection to the US, while family members of existing US citizens and employees of existing US companies have to wait in queues. The arguments for keeping the DV are mainly PR arguments — eg it makes US seem welcoming. The arguments against it are that it outlived any purpose it ever had (to boost migration from Europe), and turned into the opposite of what it was originally intended for (eg boost migration from Europe). It also seems to be more of a poster argument for bigots, more than it is any effective diversity-boosting tool.

The political consensus has been there to eliminate the DV lottery for a while. Chuck Schumer, bizarrely accused of peddling it, actually personally authored an immigration bill (that narrowly failed to pass) about 5 years ago, that would have eliminated it. No one really wants it or cares about it, it simply lingered on because it could go only as part of a larger immigration bill, which never came to fruition. RAISE act, a Trump-backed points-based reform proposal, also eliminates it (and is quite similar to the Schumer-McCain-Rubio bill of 5 years ago in other respects).

Either way, our ex-USSR compatriot from Uzbekistan, the most recent US attacker, appears to have been a DV immigrant, and no matter how unrelated it is to the merits of the program, I think the only one issue that can be an easy trade off for DACA, on which Congess has to act, has been found. Dreamers stay, DV goes.

So if you do want to enter, YOU HAVE UNTIL 22 NOVEMBER TO DO SO. ENTRY IS FREE and very simple.
If you are uncertain, I can help you out, also for free. Message for advice. However, you need a digital photo of yourself and any spouse/children included, 600 by 600 pixels with head, top to chin, being between 50% and 70%, against white or off-white background. You can usually take then yourself and edit, but watch for shadows.

I am not a gambler, but it so happens that in the 1990s a lot of people I knew, including my first ex-husband, won, so I have since taken DV lottery seriously. It is also true that for some countries, where there are larger populations but fewer applications, odds are higher than in others. Your eligibility is by your country OF BIRTH (with a few exceptions).

Read more here. Enter DIRECTLY here and PRINT your confirmation number, you will NOT receive it.

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