This is to let folks know that the previously touted project related to bringing tort action on a TOEIC/ETS issue in the United States, will NOT go ahead, for lack of a minimum number of qualified and coherent participants. The experience of communicating with those that came forward, if anything, only reinforced my belief that many of those remaining in the “system” indeed cheated on their test.

I have not met ONE person who would have a straight yet compelling story, was convincing and deposeable in a US court action, spoke, read and understood enough English to meaningfully participate and understand what this project is actually about, AND actually had any sort of proof that they were affected by ETS actions — that is even before we can start talking about time limits. I am fascinated that some of our barristers, who in doing so, IMHO, run basically a racket that drains money from the clients but has no reasonable chance to bring them any relief, keep on taking these cases and have got a hypnotic hold on remaining TOEIC “holdouts”.

People — without any conclusive evidence of their innocence or attempts at legally meaningful discovery of such evidence — spend hundreds of £££ on God knows what, yet when you tell them that in order to maybe get that evidence they need to do a SAR, make copies of their court files, and spend £25, none come forward.

Only one logical conclusion follows – actual discovery of their ETS files will not benefit them, because they cheated. I think McCloskey was really on to something when he was talking, in AM, about contempt of the system.  Do those who had an out of country right of appeal but chose to remain here illegally, demonstrated the sort of conduct that rules out them previously obtaining a test certificate, also, illegally? I am not so sure. But i am tired of this BS.

I am thinking of changing my future PhD topic. It should be on correlation between immigration violations and minor lawbreaking. Because there IS a correlation, you either accept the social contract as a whole, or you do not. Sorry folks. I wish to hear nothing more of the TOEIC “victims” nonsense.

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