HO’s previous “driving license revocation” efforts mainly had to do with Capita sending junk mail to people in the infamous “migrant refusal pool”, of whom half had already become British, and another have never had a driving license. Now they seem to be trying to step up and promise manual CID checks.

This is all of course in pursuit of a myth – in reality, there are VERY FEW legal migrants who have once held such a status that license would have been issued to them, that would have allowed themselves to end up fully without it. This virtually never happens. So a pool of intended legitimate targets of this action is around zero.

Then there are two categories which are vast — first, long-term genuine illegal entrants or overstayers living for years underground, of whom none ever held any driving licenses in this country. And second and most alarming, is people whose “leave has lapsed” as HO may think, but in fact they have at one point married and EEA citizen and have an EU right to reside. These people will have not been in the UK illegally for a single day in their lives. NOWHERE in this guidance does it even MENTION that such situation may exist, or that EEA residence rights are inherent and not granted. Read more


HO embarks on new driving license revocation drive — No Comments

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