I must say, one could not have thought of a worse time to abandon the helm — but then, I suppose, this is indicative of the May administration overall. Overall it did not live up to its many promises — we feared an iron fist, and instead we got deadly tornado of incompetence. The country is ravaged and nearly obliterated by the sheer force of pervasive stupidity. A lot of it started in the coalition government times – we expected May era to be distinct, but it really is not – but she did double and triple down on the worst of ideas, and then threw in a few more for good measure.

I am as baffled by calls for general election from Labour now, as I was in January. Brexit is a wrong time to get on the bridge, as the ship will hit that iceberg one way or the other. No one will be happy with how Brexit goes, or doesn’t — this was a mistake Theresa made when she stood for leader in 2016, and this is a mistake Corbyn has been making since January. He has now infuriated both sides by his failure to take a stand on Brexit.

He could have dumped and betrayed the ‘shires voters by siding with the second referendum crowd, the London liberals – but he’d have kept at least their loyalty and respect. He could have abandoned the elites for the people, and at least principally commit to going through with the EU departure — hey, TBH he should have whipped for the deal! that’s my opinion – but he failed to do that. Now, the liberals are frustrated, AND confused Brexiters are now deserting Labour in troves. I think the Guardian readers are about to find out once again, how many Brexit voters there were in the Labour party.

I love JC – I joined the Labour party and even paid dues for a while when he was running for leader and I was a very vocal activist. I went to his rallies. But enough is enough. I can no longer discern any principled positions that he still holds, except that he should be prime minister.  I would agree, but this should be the means, not the end — and I no longer understand, for what.  Many Labour members say — well, we need to win because we need to fight against austerity etc. Yes, we do. But firstly, I am not hearing a clear road map on that either – is Jeremy committed to throwing the private contractors out of government? To renationalise medicine, government and infrastructure, including trains? I thought so but I no longer know.

Meanwhile, the Brexit fiasco cannot stay the way it is, nor be prolonged any longer just because someone does not like the details and MPs behave like children in kindergarten. Brexit needs to be done. Deal, no deal, I do not care, we need to get out and move on. All other scenarios are realistically inconceivable, and while those infantiles keep blocking any compromise and voting for unicorns, even the meager transition plans the government did have for Brexit, such as changes to immigration system,  are thrown into chaos. Brexit is a milestone in a fight for the soul of our nation, or a true discovery of whether or not we have one. I support Brexit. But I am also apprehensive of further chaos our government’s incompetence will bring it its wake. I am not sure Labour has any better answers to that.

Does this mean I support Boris for PM? Well, whatever, I guess it means I do. The transformation is complete!  I think he will be elected, I think we will leave the EU and I think THEN – only THEN – general election maybe should be called and a completely new system of government, as well as immigration, built in Britain.

I recently abandoned my quest to submit answers to the government consultation on the redesign of the Immigration Rules — because, after reading the consultation paper, much of it was about paragraph numbering and cross referencing. These are all important, and there is an issue of redundancy — such as, self-help user being unable to discover all of the terms pertinent to them, because nothing directs him or her to them – but this is all beside the point right now. Who can move to Britain and on what conditions? Do we abandon the financial requirement for spouses and let students work post-graduation again?  What do we do with hundreds of thousands of  those EU citizens who still have not learned the word of English after the transition period? So far we only have the answer to the transition period itself. If not EU citizens, then who, if anyone, will have priority? These are fundamental questions we need answered. Not what font it should be.

Coalition/May governments gave us financial requirement for spouses and a world of chaos that came in its wake, hostile environment, go home vans, end of any meaningful redress process, ETS scandal, Windrush scandal — that is on top of numerous British citizens killed directly by Atos, Universal credit, and privatisation of the NHS, yes, it is bad. But they need to be allowed to bring it to conclusion of some sort. Lives of the British people, both those currently British and aspiring to be, need to be picked up and rebuilt piece by piece on a full clean slate and  after the tornado of incompetence has passed. Nothing good will come out of trying to steer it. In the eye of the storm, it is a bit early to start rebuilding. If JC cannot see it, well, too bad, but he is mad then.

Boris Johnson started Brexit, for Darwin’s sake let him finish it, better him than Farage and Rees-Mogg or whomever. We do not need a general election right now. Boris  is a begrudgingly American citizen with a Russian first name and a former Mayor of London. At least he is not a model for nationalism. He is a clown but such are the times. Who better to lead the army of clowns? Boris be it.

And only then, we shall see.

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