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My UK immigration practice is now a non-profit practice, that provides free advice in complex and unusual situations, and exists on public donations.

I will now engage in in-country representation only very rarely in special cases, on pay-what-you-can basis. Majority of these cases will either involve unusual legal or factual details that are challenging and interesting for me, or involve representation of separated and divorced women in formerly abusive relationships.

** This relates to UK-based practice only, and does not affect advice on immigration both ways between UK and US, as well as my practice in Russia, which all continue on a fee basis***

If you are a new client and wish to receive advice and guidance on a mundane/general matter, I urge you to seek out a commercial for-fee provider, or, if you really believe your case is special and wish to receive it from me, I expect that you will be a supporter of my practice.

VOLUNTARY DONATIONS to this blog and my advocacy efforts will be accepted in the UK at  MRS OLGA CHILDS acct   15564989, sort code 23-05-80. Please do NOT send money in anticipation of any specific services or advice.

**IBAN for EU payments:  GB19MYMB23058015564989***

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Please note I am not a fan of Paypal and urge people to not use it unless necessary. Yet, I understand that it is an important tool for many.  As of July 2018, donations directed to my practice can temporarily be made to daryakurlyandtseva AT Paypal address.